Authors We Love, Part XXVII: Jeffrey Bolden On Donald Goine


I couldn’t remember the first moment I ever picked up a Donald Goine’s book. I know it was some time in high school. Maybe even earlier than that, but I knew when I picked up that book turned the first pages of “Black Gangster,” I would read his entire catalogue. And that I did.

For some odd reason or another, I found myself relating to every word, the colorful language, the situations, not because he was an author of the ghetto. Mind you, I didn’t look up to characters like Prince from “Black Gangster” or Whoreson from “Whoreson” because they were evil, diabolical men. I knew men much like this in real life so I was able to instantly relate to who these characters were. But in all essence, Donald Goines was able to capture the full spectrum of these characters from the ghetto so vividly that he almost made them seem poetic in nature, almost as if though they were the yang from the white yin with that little piece of white light that showcased the little piece of good in their hearts that is so often overshadowed by the atrocities that they commit.

But all in all, that still isn’t the reason why I love Donald Goines. I love his stories not because of the pictures they portray, but how beautifully he portrays them. Had he been a painter, he would have been the Jean-Basquiat with the artistic fluency of Leonardo. The man who would have painted the transition of a young woman becoming a pimp’s whore just as he did in “Black Girl Lost.” He would have shown the ills of the ghetto in the most vivid of forms. Had he painted the Melted Clocks, instead what would have been shown was heroin melting in a spoon or the dope dealer known as “Pig” depicted as a boar like man with tusks and all.

You see so many people only see the ghetto, but Donald Goines paints the true struggle of the unfortunate, gives you a glimpse of what it was like growing up feeling as though legitimately you could never win. You could never prosper unless you took illegal means to get out of the fires of hell that consumed you at birth. So to answer the question as to why I love Donald Goines, I love him because throughout his books, you see a man who starts off with nothing, gains everything through the middle, but because of his illegal actions loses it all. Donald Goines paints cautionary tales. Donald Goines probably more than likely saved a few lives with just a few words and that is why I love Donald Goines.


About Jeffrey Bolden:

Jeffrey Bolden in so many words is a quintessential artist. Having been drawing for nearly twenty years and writing for a little over a decade, the development of his artistic talents has allowed him to rapidly advance in his skills. Almost publishing his first book at eighteen in which he started writing at sixteen, Jeffrey already has two published books, Smokin’ Hydrophonic and Book Of Soul, won countless awards for his writings, and acknowledged by peers as the most determined young author they have ever known (not to say they’ve known many.) But the thing about Jeffrey Bolden is that he’d rather let his skills speak for themselves. You can check out his latest book, Book Of Soul, as well as some new stuff he posts daily on his personal Tumblr page, so you can guage for yourself the skill set of this remarkable twenty-four year old man.

Find more on Jeffrey:

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