Prose Verse Babel 6

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Last week the talented author Amber Jerome-Norrgard had her collection of poetry Color of Dawn free. During the free period, Amber took a screen shot of the book’s rankings on Amazon. She sent me this screen shot to use as a very unique Prose Verse Babel submission. (Just a heads up, tomorrow September 19 until the 23rd, Amber’s story David will be FREE!!) Following that are two poems I created this morning. Have you, the readers, created any fun poems that you’d like to see in the next Prose Verse Babel? If so, feel free to email them to me 🙂

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Amber Jerome~Norrgard

Rough crossing
with early morning knife wounds
in the color of dawn
and then
the wind changed as I lay dying

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Robert Zimmermann

Once there was a war.

Go ask Alice,
Franny and Zoey,
the virgin, and
the gipsy.

The sound
and the fury!

In dubious battle
after many a summer,
dies the swan;
a journal of the plague year.

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Robert Zimmermann

Message in a Bottle:
The Mysterious Island
to the Lighthouse.

The wave,
the reef,
the sound of waves
under the sea wind.
Music for chameleons
(Lady sings the blues).
The perfect storm;
no one gets out alive.

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