Review: A Few By Amber Jerome~Norrgard

I’d like to give you all a little treat today because I feel I’ve been slacking off on some of the blog stuff. I’ve read a few stories by Amber Jerome-Norrgard lately and I also just finished a collection she has out called Wanting. Today I’d like to bring in two past reviews and one each for Wanting and David. Soon I’ll probably have one for her two poetry collections Color of Dawn (FREE until September 16th) and In The Gloaming. I hope you enjoy and come back for more reviews soon. Lots of requests have come in and my TBR (To-be reviewed) is getting almost too large.


Title: James
Author: Amber Jerome-Norrgard
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“A woman remembers a former lover after a glance at a passing stranger.” (Description from Amazon)


I feel for a short story this one had a lot in it. Normally with this length of writing there’s not much that happens, at least in the erotic genre which this is in. I’ve read some erotic stories that are of similar length and normally it’s (boiled down to) “hi, let’s have sex, ok,” then the story ends.

Norrgard was able to establish a very real world character in her main character. The set up for bringing James into her life was worked out well, also. I feel this story doesn’t need the erotic label thrown on it (aside from a few descriptive words at certain points). It could easily pass as a great story without that.

The way the MC dealt with an issue she couldn’t bring herself to handle (won’t be more descriptive to avoid a spoiler) wasn’t to my liking. But because of this it showed how flawed an individual can be. It took a while for her to learn her mistake and that’s life for you. Not everything works out perfectly, especially with romance and strong emotions getting in the way. Take it as a lesson and don’t make the mistake in real life. That’s the moral of that part of the story.

Overall I was very pleased with this story and savored every line. More from this author will be going onto my wishlist now 🙂


Title: Jeffrey
Author: Amber Jerome-Norrgard
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“A woman describes a friends with benefits experience.” (description from Amazon)

This is yet another great story by Norrgard. I haven’t had good experience with reading erotic stories before. They just don’t do anything for me normally. And more often than not, I don’t find that the authors write very well either. It’s basically describe the encounters as blandly as possible and finish the story.

Norrgard drags the reader into the story itself. The reader isn’t just reading what’s going in the bedroom, he or she is visualizing, feeling, being part of the story itself. This was a new experience in my erotic readings and I quite enjoyed it.

Aside from the sexual elements in this story, there was also more. There was the part that I find is lacking elsewhere in this genre. The main characters have an arrangement where they are friends with benefits. But when feelings may start developing, an end must occur to the relationship. There are few words on the subject, yet there is much being said and more to be speculated that made me give this story such a great rating. It’s what’s NOT said that makes this story so powerful.

I never thought I’d have this to say about something with so much sex in it, but this was a beautifully written story about sexual encounters and what happens when a character has real human emotions.


Title: David
Author: Amber Jerome-Norrgard
Rating: 4/5 Stars

“An erotic short story about a man and a woman and a passionate encounter they share.” (description from Amazon)


Here is yet another of Norrgard’s stories that I’ve enjoyed. Unlike the other two that I’ve read/reviewed so far (James and Jeffrey) this story get down to the core of the erotic experience right away. There’s no build up, no back story, nothing. I would normally shy away from that. I know it’s erotica and sex is the main plot device of the genre, but it doesn’t really make me want to read the stories. There needs to be something else.

With David even though it wasn’t stated clearly what the relationship between the two characters is, as a reader looking for more, I actually found it. I found it in my questions, not in the text. I was left to think about a possible situation in my own head without it being thrown in my face, forcing me to accept it. This was great because even tough the story is from a female’s first person POV, I was able to throw myself into the story. I was able to become the characters and experience it “first-hand.”

Another thing I’ve enjoyed about Norrgard’s work is her intimacy. There isn’t vulgar language for the sake of being able to say (sorry if you can’t handle these words) cock, pussy, cunt, etc just because erotica allows for it easily. Norrgard presents a sexual situation by using language that’s both creative and non-offensive. There’s no feeling that it’s written like it’s been cut from a mold. “Insert word for penis here. Add another out-of-place reference here.”

The story’s short, but it’s to the point. I wasn’t bored at all and I kept flipping the pages for more. I’m definitely a fan of Amber Jerome-Norrgard. David solidified it for me.


Title: Wanting
Author: Amber Jerome-Norrgard
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“Two new erotic short stories enmeshed with three recently released erotic short stories by Amber Jerome~Norrgard:

A friends with benefits experience, with sex in every position… A woman in a bar has her first same-sex experience…. A gorgeous man causes a raunchy fantasy for a co-worker…. A passing stranger causes a woman to recall a former, steamy love affair… And an interlude that shows the romance between a man, woman and silk scarf.” (description from Amazon)


I have previously reviewed three of the stories included in this collection. They are James, Jeffrey, and David. I won’t get into much specifics about them or the other work presented in wanting. They’re all great stories, as well as a few poems thrown in the mix.

Overall the collection is a great showcase of Norrgard’s talent for writing great erotica. Like I’ve mentioned in my past reviews, there is  a well thought out plot, thoroughly developed characters, and an actual story to read. Sex is still the focus on these stories, but it’s not the only thing worth reading.

The sexual encounters are also up to par with the story writing. They step it up a notch from generic erotica by being creative and mature about the word choice of certain body parts and a variety of action words used throughout.

You won’t find a cookie-cutter erotic journey in Wanting.  This is a collection for those looking for a little “dirty fun” while still wanting to read well written stories.


You can find all of Amber Jerome-Norrgard’s work on Amazon as well as a majority of it on Smashwords.


About Amber:

Amber Jerome~Norrgard was first published in her hometown’s paper at the age of seventeen.  Since then, she’s used writing as a free form of therapy to celebrate the best parts of her life, and to work through the rough experiences. She is author of the bestselling collection of poetry, “The Color of Dawn,” as well as “4 a.m.,” a poetry and essay collection, “Wanting,” a collection of short erotic stories and “My Beautiful Jewel: Book One of the Miracles Trilogy”.  She is co-creator, and co-host of “TweepNation with Amber and Dionne,” a weekly podcast loosely related to Twitter and Independent Authors.  She is currently working on her psychology degree, and lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family.

Find more on Norrgard or find her books:

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