Review: Blowing Sunshine by Maggie May

Title: Blowing Sunshine
Author: Maggie May
Rating: 3/5 Stars

“Caitlin Maguire has been screwing her fellow traders, screwing Charles Hayes and screwing California…now it may be Caitlin’s turn to get screwed.

Money, sex, suspense…all the things that make life worthwhile.

16,700 words, approximately 81 pages

strong language, adult situations, sexual situations” (description from Amazon)


From the description that comes with this novella (I’ll call it a novella, since it’s borderline in length) I wasn’t able to get a picture at all of what I’d be getting myself into. Because of this I’ll give a little information about the story. Caitlin is involved in trading. More specifically in the business of energy. Charles is her boss of sorts. And California…California is facing record heat and power shortages. That may establish the story a bit more, but I’ll stop there for fear of leading to spoilers, which I’m very against.

The overall feel of this novella wasn’t terrible. I was able to get more into the story later on, after the halfway point. I feel that it lacked  a driving force. There was a certain oomph that wasn’t there, but I plowed on ahead. It also took a little while to figure out what the main conflict was due to a number of characters being introduced without there seeming to be a common thread. Later on the threads crossed. That was when I got into the story more.

There was also the need of some editing throughout. It didn’t altogether hinder my ability to understand what was happening, but at times there were errors that took me out of the story when trying to figure out what was being said. I think with another read through to fix the errors and some fleshing out of the somewhat flat characters, this would become a bit of a longer and more intriguing story. I feel that the overall story that is here would work great as a full length novel. It would allow for the reader to better establish the premise, conflict, and character’s roles in the story itself.

This was an interesting venture into the corporate and trading world. It’s definitely new territory for me. I just feel that as the reader I needed more to work with to better experience the story.


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