Prose Verse Babel 4

Here’s another installment of poems created by using the titles of books. By now you should know about this from my previous posts. Take some books, stack them up, and you’ve created a poem. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are serious, but always they are fun to write and help you get to know your bookshelves more. I hope you join in on the fun with this now weekly segment…newly entitled….

Prose Verse Babel

fancy lineresize

Tania Johansson

No time for goodbye
Breaking dawn
Wake up and change your life

fancy lineresize

Robert Zimmermann

Somebody, somewhere
on the beach.

Mind over water,
the lake of dreams.

Maiden Voyage.

A sea of space,
a child’s night dream.

High tide over Tuscon.

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Robert Zimmermann

the Waste Lands.

When the wind blows,
across the face of
the Earth,


The darkest evening of the year.


Sometimes a great notion,
safe haven.
Fear and loathing in Las Vegas.

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Please be sure to send in some poems (with pictures of the books stacked up) to me for future posts. This is a weekly segment on the blog and I’d love to continue to feature great poems from my readers. Remember have fun with it πŸ™‚

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