Authors We Love Part XXIII: A Dynamic Duo (Breaking The “Rules”)


I’m back everyone. I’ve been slacking off a bit on the Authors We Love posts, but at least I’ve been getting reviews to you in the mean time. For this week’s post I was debating who I’d be discussing. At first it was a battle between two very different authors. Then this morning I opened my mailbox to find a book I ordered there….my decision was made. This week’s author….or actually I should say AUTHORSSSSS… Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Normally I allow my guests and myself to only discuss one author for each post. I’m somewhat breaking the rules for this one. Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child are a team of writers who are (at least to me) known more famously for their Pendergast series of novels. I was introduced to them about two years ago and was intrigued enough to grab up all the books I found. At this moment there are 10 (11th on the way) in the series and I have read the first 3. I’d read more but I’m savoring them (and reading many great other authors).

From the first book, Relic, the series started with a bang. The second, Reliquary, was no different. Next came, so far my favorite, The Cabinet of Curiosities. In the first two books the character FBI Agent Pendergast is introduced. He is very unorthodox in dealing with the problems that arise in the books, but then again the situations are not exactly normal FBI business. He has money, determination…and skills that rival the very best. When you get to Cabinet of Curiosities, we’re able to see more into WHO Pendergast is instead of just what he is. I have a feeling that this is the book where things start to pick up and will get hard to put down.

Aside from this series, the duo have put out four stand alone novels. I haven’t read them yet, but I know some of elements such as characters cross over somewhat between the series and the stand alones. I’m still debating on how to read them (series first then these, or read in-between).

What solidified these writers on my top favorites list is their new series. The Gideon Crew series. I grabbed the paperback of the first book, Gideon’s Sword, late last year and devoured it. I could NOT put it down. As I stated above, one of their books came in the mail. It was the reasoning for talking about them today. That book is the sequel to Gideon’s Sword called Gideon’s Corpse. From the ending of the first book I’m expecting this one to start off with a big bang. It was action all the way through and there’s no doubt that will continue here.

Aside from the great books with great characters and story-lines that Preston and Child write together, that are also prolific writers on their own. As with the stand alone novels that they write together, I had to snatch up all the solo works they put out. I don’t own them all yet, but I’m close. Preston wrote a book called Jennie, which tells the story of a man who takes a baby chimp home from the wild and raises it along side his own growing family. It’s not even close to seeing Pendergast wielding his powerful cannon of a pistol and shooting at an unstoppable beast in a museum, but it still has a well written, often touching, and every intriguing style to it. It’s yet another book I’ve loved. I haven’t gotten the chance to read an of Child’s solo books yet. From what I know his are more along the same lines as the Pendergast and Gideon Crew genres. I’m eager to see how I like his writing away from Preston’s.

I think that if you read Relic and fall in love, or at least become intrigued by, Pendergast that it’s worth checking out. I’d start there with this duo of authors. That’s where I started at least. You can start with Gideon’s Sword, but I think you’ll want to keep on with the series too eagerly and there’s only two of those. At least with Pendergast, he’s been around for a while.

3 responses to “Authors We Love Part XXIII: A Dynamic Duo (Breaking The “Rules”)

    • You’ve actually watched that movie? I turned it off after like ten minutes. (I did read the book first, but still.) They didn’t even put Agent Pendergast in it. He’s the main reason the series is a series….rant over. It may be good as a movie on it’s own. I’ll have to re-watch it with that in mind. 🙂

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