Review: An Ill Wind by Miranda Stork

Title: An Ill Wind (The Bassinville Witches Series #3)
Author: Miranda Stork
Rating: 5/5 Stars

“After the meeting with Varden, Sebastian was left clinging to unlife. The group must try to see if they can return him to life with them, even if it means staying longer in the centre of the Ravensworth’s empire-New Orleans…

At the same time, Jackson is confronted with something-or someone-who wants to disrupt the party. Something that has the power to crumble not only the small group itself, but one of the relationships of those within…

Will they manage to find the next stone? Or will something stop them this time, in the form of deadly spirits, or female vampires?..” (description from Goodreads)


Miranda Stork has done it again. For the third month in a row she has released a great novella. Of the three released so far I’ve enjoyed this one the most. It can only get better from here I’m sure.

This is the third of twelve serial novellas in Stork’s The Bassinville Witches Series. Like the second, Playing With Fire, this one doesn’t waste time to go on with the story. That’s one of the things I’m enjoying in the series. There’s not too much fluff in the beginning. There’s just enough to reestablish where the story left off and a little bit more to give the reader a hint at what will happen in the current novella.

In the story itself we are introduced to a few new characters. One is very mysterious, a bit on the sexy side, and a little B.A. as well…all while wearing an old fashioned corset and flowing skirts. One of the other characters can control the winds and is just as dangerous. The introduction of the new characters set up for some drama, not to mention physical conflict later on. I feel  Stork has a very good balance between getting back story and secrets revealed along with the fighting.

Like in Playing With FireAn Ill Wind leaves the reader wanting more and eagerly awaiting the next novella (due out in September). All I have left to say is, “Miranda please, please, please I want more!!!”


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You can purchase this title over on Amazon, where you can also find Miranda’s other releases.

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