Book Title Poems, With Guests

Last week I posted a few poems I wrote by stacking some books together. It was a very fun exercise and I wish to share some more with you all soon. In the mean time I have asked some people to create some poems of their own. Here are a few and hopefully at the end of the week I’ll have more guest poems to share 🙂 Please enjoy and send me your poems as well, if you’re interested.

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Cinta Garcia de la Rosa


No abras los ojos,
Se lo que estas pensando.
Si me deseas,
La boda.


Don’t open your eyes,
I know what you think.
If you desire me,
The wedding.

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Jessica Fortunato

Before I go to sleep.
Patient Zero,
The Probable Future.

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Jackie Vazquez

Dust tracks on a road
gone west, where I’m bound
a lotus grows in the mud
unaccustomed earth
the world we found



I’ve got your number, Rebecca
what happened to Hannah
still missing
you shall never know security
run for your life

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Rebecca Hamilton

The witching hour switched any bitter thing.
Promise not to tell every last one the truth about forever.
Return to me the girl she used to be . . .
. . . and after that, the dark.

7 responses to “Book Title Poems, With Guests

  1. I absolutely love these. (“I’ve got your number, Rebecca” is my favorite.) I recently discovered the joy of book title found poems. A posted a few of mine to my blog last year. The only problem with this type of poetry is that it makes me want to buy even MORE books. 🙂

    • Thanks for checking these out 🙂 If you didn’t (and would like to) please check out the rest of the posts in this series.

      And if you ever feel like “writing” you own poems, I’ve been wanting to revive the series. Feel free to send your poems, and I’ll try to get some of my own for a post to boost the series back up.

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