Indie Week: Authors We Love…Indie Edition (Part III)



I wasn’t originally going to do a personal Authors We Love this week. There’s already two other ones from guests, but it’s Indie Week. I couldn’t resist.  While this won’t be as formal as most other AWL posts from me, I think you’ll find at least one author to enjoy. I’m going to list out some of the great Indie Authors I have read so far in hopes that you’ll go look at their work, and hopefully find your next new favorite read 🙂


I mentioned her earlier in the week, but I’ll mention her again. Rebecca Hamilton’s début novel The Forever Girl blew me away. I recently read an ARC of her upcoming novella Her Sweetest Downfall and had the same reaction. I’m expecting nothing but a great series out of Hamilton.

S.M. Boyce was also an author I’ve mentioned this week, and an author that I praise on a daily basis. The first book of her Grimoire TrilogyLichgatesmade me want to go out and try other fantasy novels again. I think she’s created a beautiful world out of Ourea and her characters/creatures are some of my favorite. I’ve read a non-Grimoire story of hers as well, and her writing shines through in this other genre piece.

I can’t do this post without mentioning Tiffany King. I saw her around Twitter a bit before I gave in and had to check her out. I’ll admit that at first I wasn’t sure her Saving Angels series would be for me, but after she released Wishing For Someday Soon, a YA contemporary novel that almost brought me to tears, I knew that King was an author to keep up to date with. I still haven’t read the Saving Angels books, but I have read a short story that’s closely related. I look forward to continuing my adventure in the series soon. Her other book, and newest, Forever Changed is another YA contemporary and I thoroughly enjoyed it as much as WFSS. King keeps throwing books at me, and I can do nothing but devour them and keep wanting more.

Jessica Fortunato is an author I heard NOTHING about until one random night on Twitter. She offered me a copy of her début The Sin Collector and I’m glad I accepted her review request. Her fast paced novel about the sin collectors takes an obscure myth, one that I’ve never heard of (which is rare in writing in today’s world), and brought it out of the woodwork creating what’s bound to be a promising trilogy. Her short story entitled The Sin Collector: Thomas is set to release July 20th. I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of it, and I have to say that Fortunato isn’t going ANYWHERE. Her books are going to site in all their glory on my shelf as literary treasures!

This next author already has, well A LOT, of books out in such a short period of time. Karina Halle is the author of the Experiment in Terror series which is a huge success with 7 novels/novella since last year and she keeps writing more. Rave reviews follow each release and I think I know why. I finished Darkhouse, the first in the series a few weeks ago and am trying my best to fight the urge to keep reading the series (so many books, so little time…it’s not that they are bad at all, just the opposite).

These have not been in any order of importance. I hold all of these Indie Authors and more on the same level….because they are all authors. There are some that I enjoy more than others, but that’s the nature of books and the human mind. This is also not a complete list of those who deserve mention. There are many authors who I have read who could get their own mention and there are even more that I have yet to read, but because of their kindness and basic awesomeness as human beings to interact with their fans…they deserve mention as well. To find more great authors than who I have mentioned here, please look around the blog, browse my reviews for great books, and stalk my Twitter and Facebook for more people to check out. The world’s full of GREAT Indie Authors. You just need to step into our world and find us 😀

4 responses to “Indie Week: Authors We Love…Indie Edition (Part III)

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  2. This is awesome! You have some very awesome people on that list. I’ve had the pleasure of talking to Rebecca Hamilton, and I’m a big fan of S.M. Boyce. Since it appears we have the same taste, I’ll definitely look into the other authors mentioned.

    We need more bloggers like yourself in the world to champion us indie authors!

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