Indie Week: Authors We Love….Indie Edition (Part II) With HilyBee!


These five Indies are some of the most talented writers I’ve met in the past year.  I’ve had the pleasure of reading their novels and getting to know them as people.  I can’t say enough good things about each of them!  Enough of my rambling… let the authors do the talking!

M.A. Leslie – the married writing duo of Mike and Amy Leslie are extremely talented.  Their YA/MG novels will keep you begging for more no matter what age you are.  Their best selling novel, The Missing, is one of my favorite MG novels!  Read more about M&A here.

Amy Lignor – the author of my favorite novel for 2012 so far!  “I began to write at a young
age when I truly believed that my sister was an evil queen and I was the
slayer who would save the realm.”
  Her father was a research librarian, causing her to have a very deep love and respect for books.  Her novel Until Next Time: The Angel Chronicles is the most outstanding novel I have read this year.  Read more about Amy Lignor here.

S.M. Boyce – is the author of The Grimoire trilogy.  She began writing at the age of 5 when she wrote about a lonely pickle in a jar.  She now writes paranormal and fantasy YA/adult novels.  S.M. is an extremely talented author and person.  It seems as if her skills are never ending!  Read more about S.M. Boyce here.

R.G. Lawrence –  is an author who writes whatever comes to mind.  His short stories The Circle and Summer With Fidel are absolutely phenomenal.  When writing, often enough his characters are created first and the rest of the novel is molded to fit with the characters.  Read more about R.G. Lawrence here.

Angel A. Walker – is the author of Such Is Life, another instant favorite of mine!  She has a natural talent for writing that flows through the pages making you believe you are watching a movie, not reading a book.  Angel began writing when she was only fifteen years old, and hasn’t stopped since.  Read more about Angel A. Walker here.

If you decide to check out any of these Indies, please let them know that Rob and HilyBee sent you!!  So…who are your favorite Indies?  Happy Indie Authors Week!!
About The Hilary, aka HilyBee:
I love libraries, books, e-books, eReaders, book stores… all of it.  Books, ebooks, and eReaders are just my overly passionate hobby.  I received my charcoal colored Kindle 3 (keyboard) for my birthday in 2010 from my parents.  My Kindle keyboard’s name is DragonToo.  I graduated with a B.A. degree in June, 2012 and work for the local Books-A-Million.I’m slightly *obsessed* with DragonToo and pretty much anything to do with Kindles.  I am constantly reading more information about the new changes, updates, cases, accessories, etc.  I love being able to use my device to it’s fullest potential.  Plus.. why not?  It’s hard NOT to love a Kindle.  I had Kindle Envy* for over two years after my boss and manager introduced them to me.
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