Indie Week: Authors We Love…Indie Edition, with Cinta Garcia de la Rosa



When I heard that Rob was going to celebrate an Indie Week in his blog, I thought that it was the best idea ever. Being an Indie writer is difficult, hard, and stressing most of the time, so I think that all Indie authors and readers of Indie literature must stick together. Writers helping writers, writers interacting with readers, and readers promoting and recommending Indie authors are amazing concepts. And you can see a lot of all that in the CyberUniverse, as I like to call it. So I thought that I wanted to participate in this event. Thank you, Rob, for letting me rant once more about the Authors I Love.

When I first joined Twitter, I didn’t even know what an Indie writer was. I am an avid reader, what you can call a bookworm, but I have always read books written by famous authors. I had never read a book written by an Indie author. But then, in August 2011, everything changed.

I don’t even remember how, but on that date I met one of my favourite Indie authors in the whole world. He introduced me in the Indie community, and he helped me to discover lots of good books that, otherwise, I wouldn’t have known they even existed. For me, that was quite a revelation. My Kindle was feeling very lonely and, suddenly, it was filled with more than 200 books, and all written by Indie authors!

So, who is that Indie author that I love? Drum roll, please! Let me introduce you to Alan McDermott! โ€“ He goes with the Twitter handle @Jambalian. We started following each other in Twitter, and when I knew he was a writer I was very excited. Imagine that! Such a bookworm like myself meeting people who had actually published books! Apart from being a compulsive reader, I am also a writer, so I was very happy. We got on well quite soon, so I started helping him with promotion, in my own humble way; I mean, tweeting, retweeting, and spreading the word about his debut novel. Alan writes thrillers, but his books are so original and have such unexpected twists that you simply cannot stop reading his books till you have reached the end.

In his debut novel, Gray Justice, we get to know Tom Gray, the hero of Alan’s thriller trilogy. Tom Gray is a man with a military past, who loses his family at the hands of a young criminal with a long record of crimes. Tom Gray blames the UK legal system for his loss, so he thinks of a plan to get revenge and try to change the way society is. While he is doing this, a terrorist group is planning things too. When their paths cross, lots of events happen that keep you glued to your chair, hooked till you read the last page.

His second novel in the trilogy, Gray Resurrection, is another gripping thriller, packed with action and unexpected events that keep the reader biting their nails from the very beginning. Trust me, I would have bitten my nails if it weren’t for my braces, which don’t let me do it ๐Ÿ˜€ In this second novel we can really see how hard the act of researching for this novel must have been for the author. It is brilliantly written and documented, every little detail being perfectly placed and researched. Now I am quite looking forward to the third book in the trilogy, Gray Redemption. I am sure it will be as successful as the first two installments.

So I love Alan McDermott as an Indie Author because he writes amazing thrillers, because he opened my mind to a world where you can read amazing books that are hidden, and because he showed me that you don’t need to publish with โ€œThe Big Sixโ€ to prove that you can be the next best-seller author. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Tom Gray trilogy were turned into a film.

He is also a tireless promoter and encourager of other Indie writers, being really helpful sharing and tweeting about other authors, and providing good advice in his blog. He also created two hashtags in Twitter, so it would be easier to find Indie authors and retweet them.

So this is Alan McDermott: an amazing writer, an incredibly good friend, a supportive and helpful person, and an Indie author that I love. Follow him, get to know both him and his work, and you will see that what I say is true. You can find him in the following places:

Twitter: just click on his handle above (@Jambalian).


Alan McDermott’s blog

To check out Alan’s Amazon author page, where you can learn more about him and his books:

He even has a free short story called Recidivist for download on Smashwords


About the Author:

Cinta Garcรญa de la Rosa is a Spanish teacher who always dreamt of being a writer. So she writes, every day, compulsively. Always active, she is also an avid reader, a blogger and a book reviewer. Her first writings were in Spanish, but, since she got her BA in English Studies, she decided to start writing in English. Now, she feels more comfortable writing in English than in her mother tongue. She is finishing the editing and formatting of her first book “The Funny Adventures of Little Nani”, a collection of stories for children, with illustrations and other surprises. She is also working in other projects: a collection of short stories and a novelette based on the British Regency period. Apart from writing and reading, she enjoys meeting new people, dancing, and traveling.”

Find more from Cinta:

9 responses to “Indie Week: Authors We Love…Indie Edition, with Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

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  2. Great post! I haven’t heard of Alan’s work before but I’ll definitely be checking him out. And I think you highlighted an important part of the indie world…authors are more than just names on books. They can be friends, mentors, and great people to know.

    • Exactly. Alan is a great friend now, and he has been my mentor in the Indie world since I learnt my own way ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks for reading and commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

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