Review: Her Sweetest Downfall by Rebecca Hamilton

Title: Her Sweetest Downfall
Author: Rebecca Hamilton
Rating: 5/5 stars

Ophelia’s been successful at hiding her true identity, until the mark of the serpent appears on her neck—a death sentence, should it be seen by anyone in her town. Hiding the mark might save her from falling victim to the witch hunts of her era, but the scorching sensation it carries can’t be ignored.

When mysterious Ethan is sent to collect her for a life of something more, she learns concealing the mark is the least of her concerns. She’s destined to do a new task—to join a dark, supernatural world and protect the future of people she may never meet.

What she doesn’t know—what she learns too late—is that her initiation won’t be complete until she kills the man who’s captured her heart. (from Goodreads)


(Review of an ARC of Her Sweetest Downfall )

Reading this novella solidified Rebecca Hamilton on my list of top ten authors. With her debut novel, The Forever Girl: Sophia’s Journey, I had a feeling I’d enjoy reading more of Hamilton’s writing. I was right. Her Sweetest Downfall blew me away.

I was very pleased with the way this novella played out. For those who haven’t read book one in the series, I feel that they can still read this novella. I think that’s a great advantage Her Sweetest Downfall has. If a reader doesn’t have the time for a full length novel, but would like to check out Hamilton’s writing, this can be a great start.

The world of The Forever Girl is introduced here in a somewhat simpler way, which may even help in reading the more detailed explanations in The Forever Girl.

I am a reader who has read and loved The Forever Girl, so I already knew the overview of the creatures encountered here. I knew some of the story behind some of the characters as well…but the main character, Ophelia, I barely knew a thing about. I wanted to know. The Forever Girl made me want more. I was completely satisfied with what I learned. The reader follows along as she the mystery of her life, and destiny, unfolds in front of her eyes. Even though I know what her ultimate goal is, the journey to get there is filled with unexpected elements. I also enjoyed the new characters that came into play. Ethan was a great male lead. I admired his dedication to his job, even when his mission was threatened by the feelings of his heart.

One of the best things for me, was making connections to characters from The Forever Girl. I’m always a sucker for having “aha” moments. I’ll be reading a passage, then something clicks. It’s great when an author does Hamilton does this. In no way does it feel like she has altered or forced the story to connect in places. Some authors can attempt to make a connection work, but it just doesn’t seem natural for the story. This is not the case. I look forward to finding other connections like this throughout the series. When there is a series of seven books (plus however many novellas are to come out) it is probably difficult to create the interlocking points. From what I know this isn’t a series that follows just one main character, or even a timeline for that matter, so these points of connection will be necessary. I feel confident that I’ll have many more “aha” moments in future books.

By the end of this series, just like with this novella, Hamilton will have written a beautiful set of books. I feel confident in saying that.


 This book is scheduled to be released in July of 2012. Keep an eye out for it’s release SOON 😀

This book is available now over on Amazon

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