ANNOUNCEMENT: Planning An Indie Week In July!!!

I’ve been playing with this idea for a week or two in my head…but it’s about time to get it out in the open and organize it a bit on paper.

The history of books has been dominated in at least the last hundred years (that sounds like a good guess to me, lol) by publishing companies. Most writers don’t have the money to publish their work on their own. This is still the case for many of us…until technology became available to the average person.

The world of indie publishing took off from there with ebooks, print on demand, and other methods. But let me not bore you rightΒ now with that history lesson. Many of your reading this will already know what it means to be indie. It’s great! I love indie authors and supporters. They are, for the most part, amazing, talented, and supportive people. That’s what this week long celebration will be about.

From Sunday July 8th until Saturday July 14th my blog will be devoted to posts indie related. I will continue with my Authors We Love and Aged Pages series…but those will be geared toward discussing indie authors and I’m still working on an Aged Pages idea (I’ll explain that in a bit.

So what I’m looking for from YOU (my fans, my friends, and random strangers) is guest posts up the wazoo (haha, I just used wazoo in a post). Normally I only look for a minimum of one guest post, being the first Authors We Love post of the week. This time I want MORE, as many guests as I can get. I want to over flow my blog and annoy the fuck out of everyone by bombarding you with posts. Ideally everyone involved will (for the AWL posts) pick a different author (not too hard) and readers will be able to discover new authors/books and fall in love with indies.

I’m not only looking for Authors We Love posts though. You don’t need to go that route. I would love some guest posts on anything indie. Some ideas might be

  • Why I Love Indies
  • Why I chose to be indie
  • Indie vs. Traditional (possibly too played out but could be fun)
  • Ways to supports indies
  • and I’m open to pretty much anything else.

For the Aged Pages post, I honestly don’t know what I’d write up that’d include indies. I don’t really think my local store pays attention to the e-world of publishing even. Not that they are snobs, more that they have enough to deal with in old books that the new things would make their brains explode, haha. One idea I had, was for those who know of indie friendly bookstores to write up a post about that. I think I’ll expand the range of bookstores to ones that sell new books just for this week, but if someone knows of a used bookstore that supports indies that’d be amazing. Any other ideas, please comment on this post so we can all brainstorm.

Does this sound like fun? I’m getting excited. I’ll be writing up a few posts (if I don’t get my act together, you guys will dominating my blog and I’ll just be sitting here twiddling my thumbs, lol)

If you’re an indie author and want to include a giveaway or just promote your book this is also the place to do so.


So that’s what I just came up with this morning. If it’s all over the place, it’s for that reason. I just formulated things.

Any more questions or if you already know how you want to take part, shoot me an email:Β my contact form

16 responses to “ANNOUNCEMENT: Planning An Indie Week In July!!!

    • That’s an interesting idea for a post in general. For Aged Pages though, the focus should still stick to bookstores and what makes them great.

      The normal posts for that series are centered around great USED bookstores, but for this event I’ll extend that to any (real not virtual) bookstore). As I stated in the post, maybe someone knows of an indie friendly bookstore (new or used). I’m open to other suggestions if there isn’t one to use for that, as well.

        • That’s great! Do you know those stores well? If you’d like to write up something about them be my guest πŸ™‚ Could be as simple as what they do to support indie authors. And personal experience with the stores in general (like why you may love going there, like I aim to do with the stores in my series) add to it as well.

  1. I LOVE this Rob!!! I’m in! Guest posts ALL week long? I think yes! I’ll start lining things up. Lets get this going and *annoy* people. πŸ˜‰

    • Yea, ALL week long!!! If I find there’s MORE people than Sunday-Saturday can hold I could always extend it another week πŸ˜‰

      So far there’s about 9 interested, I’m thinking 2 posts a day (at least) at this rate. But as I said, depending on the amount of posts I could put it for another week πŸ™‚

      • yay!! I created an event on my FB fan page, and have been tweeting about it. Hopefully you get some more interest so we can really blow this up! πŸ˜€

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