Authors We Love, Part IX: …And Another Thing


I knew I was going to get to this author eventually, but I didn’t expect to pull him out of my hat this early in the series. With that said, I’m still going to go ahead with this post. My life’s been a little too hectic (especially today) to dive a little deeper into my stacks for another author.


Some readers may have guessed who I’m going to be discussing today solely based on the title of this post “…And Another Thing.” Some more informed readers may have two authors in mind. Well, you’ll also be right with both of them…somewhat.

My Authors We Love installment for this week is focused on the writing of that incredible Douglas Adams. Why did I say an answer with two authors could be correct? I’ll get to that later.

I first discovered Adams a few years ago in my bookstore. The book The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy was staring me in the face. It was sitting there in the sci-fi section. Mocking me. Teasing me. “You know you want to buy me. You can’t resist.” What else was I supposed to think? There’s a green ball with hands, sticking its tongue out at me. It doesn’t even have eyes. The name of the book rang a vague bell in my head as well, and I bought the book. I read the book. I loved the book.

Then I found the next two in the series The Restaurant at the end of the Universe and Life, the Universe and Everything. I read and devoured them. Then there was So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish….the FOURTH book in the Hitchhiker’s TRILOGY. Yep, I didn’t make a mistake. This is in fact a trilogy…of..well there’s more than just four, but let me get into what made me keep on with these books first.

One thing that many readers love about Adams, including myself, is the humor in his writing. That’s a MUST in an Adams book. Not to insult the brilliant writing at all, but there’s almost nothing in the books to take seriously. I consider what I’ve read of him to be pure genius, comical genius. The elements that make up his HHGTTG (I’ll abbreviate from now on) “world” are SO absurd and at the same time once I was in that world, traveling the galaxy side by side with Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect, I found everything to be normal.

I’m not the most educated person on British humor, so maybe he’s not as unique as I consider him, but I don’t really care. I love this man’s work. I love it enough to have gone out and ordered book 5 in the trilogy Mostly Harmless even though I’ve read enough about it to know people didn’t care much for it. Adams even admitted it wasn’t the best way to end the series. I read it, and thought the same, but I still enjoyed it enough.

How else can you finish off this series? Well write a 6th book for the trilogy of course. Sadly Adams passed away in 2001 and couldn’t do this himself. Luckily there was an author who was able to take up the task. …And Another Thing was born when author Eoin Colfer took up the pen and series. I also got this book when I got Mostly Harmless. Did I like this book? It wasn’t terrible. I think it’s something to read if only to “finish” the series in whatever capacity you feel it needed to be. I think it was a good attempt. I enjoy Colfer’s writing as well (having only read this book and the first Artemis Fowl).

Where am I going with this? I don’t know. My mind is being just as random as Adams’ writing right now.

So I’ve read all 5(6) of the HHGTTG books. It’s a great series by and great writer (go buy them if you want a hilarious adventure). I also own both Dirks Gently books. I haven’t read those yet to know how they match up, but I have high hopes.

I think I’ll just wrap this up now that I’m think I’m out of writing steam, haha. I think this post might spark some discussion though, so don’t worry, there’s be more below in the comments I’m sure.

On a final note: There is a HHGTTG movie from the 2000’s….I advise you not to watch it (well maybe for Zoey Deschanel/Katy Perry, are they the same person?) You can still totally watch it, I can’t command people (…yet). Just please read the first book first. I know people who are turned off from the series because of that movie. There is also a 1980’s TV mini-series. I’ve seen a bit, that’s not terrible for the 80’s.

I do feel the need to promote the idea of listening to the radio broadcasts. After reading all the books I found the radio recordings and listened non-stop. It’s a little different experience but not in a bad way. It was a great way to relive the writing of Adams again while on the go 😀


Thanks for stopping by again this week. I’m still, as always, looking for guests to share their authors with us. I have many openings in upcoming dates so don’t hesitate, please. You don’t want to read what I ramble about TWICE a week do you? 😛

4 responses to “Authors We Love, Part IX: …And Another Thing

  1. I’m so glad you featured him! I love, love, LOVE Adams and this series. I picked up the anthology and read them all in a week. Couldn’t put them down. Did you know that he sent the first HHGTG script to the Doctor Who office and was commissioned for an episode? Anyway, disagree that there’s not much to take seriously. It IS absurd through and through, but in that absurdity is a fantastically incisive commentary on the meaning of life, humanity, and everything we believe about ourselves. As well as general social foibles and mores. There’s a lot of depth there, a lot of philosophy and religion.

    I admit, I’m afraid to read Colfer’s addition (even though I love him) because he’s just not Adams. Maybe Vonnegut could have done it. Colfer, I’m uncertain. Perhaps I’ll try some day.

    Also: Zooey is infinitely superior to Katy.

    • All very true. I should have thrown all that in there. I didn’t mean to disregard the commentary, my head was all over the place and in a rush this morning when I wrote the post up. Maybe I was just being lazy and didn’t want to explain it 😉

      Also, in all the absurd and comedy in anything, there almost always is some sort of commentary, so thank you for bringing that up.

      I suggest get “…And Another Thing.” It can’t hurt to read It’s just as long/fast as the others. I’m sure Vonnegut could have done a better one even though I haven’t read anything of his. I know what his style is supposed to be like and I think it’d have fit. He passed a few years before this book, so maybe it wasn’t even a thought at the time. I’d have to look closer into that.

      Also, I did read AAT, and while it’s not Adams, since no one can be him, I think it was good in it’s own sense. Maybe treat it as fan fiction 😉

      Another great point: Zooey > Katy….just looks very similar until Zooey turns on the cute 😉

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