Hint At A New Series

A few weeks ago (before I went on a break from the computer) I asked some people on twitter if they had any ideas of what I should do for a new series of posts here on the blog. It didn’t take long for me to find a good one. Someone suggested that I do a series on the various bookstores I buy my books from.

Now that I’m back from my little break, I’ve been getting more productive with the blog. If you’ve seen in the last few days there are a good amount of new posts to look at. I think starting a new series will keep me writing even more. That’s really what I need to do. I need to keep in the writing mood, no matter what the writing is about or if it’s prose or poetry.

This new series should be very fun to do. I frequent used bookstores as often as I buy books. I abhor going to a new bookstore for two reasons: prices (I know why they are high, but I just plain can’t afford them, plus I like to support my local businesses instead) and atmosphere. I’ve come across a handful of used bookstores in my time as a book lover. There aren’t as many as I would like to see, but it’s still better than nothing. I would like to take this series and share my thoughts on various used bookstores and various aspects of what makes me love and support them.

Many of these posts will probably be focused on my local bookstore. I know this thing better than

the back of my hand. I once directed my mom to a book I wanted through talking to her on the phone. I was up at school  4 hours away. I hadn’t been to the store in about 2 months. I was still able to tell her EXACTLY where the book was. Sometimes I surprise even myself 😉

So I think that’s enough of a little hint as to what I’ll be sharing soon. Just keep an eye out and if you don’t see anything, please pester me until I write something. Haha. And if anyone has a great bookstore to share with everyone, don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to do a guest post, or just mention anything.

Oh and these are just two pictures I snapped fast on my visit today. I did it so I had something to motivate me to do this post. I think it worked 😀

7 responses to “Hint At A New Series

  1. Fantastic!! I know a little bookshop there in Oxford that I love to visit. It is hidden, so not many people know it is there, unless you are purposely looking for it. Maybe when I am there I can visit it and take some pics 😀

  2. I think this is a brilliant idea for a series….I wish we had more used bookstores aorund here, I think we have one in the whole of my area. 😦

    And I love that there is a little cat on the beam in the shop. That’s what we need, more used bookstores with hundreds of undiscovered books and a pet wandering around randomly. 😀

    • I also wish there were more used bookstores in my area. This one is about ten miles away (2 towns over). It’s the closest. There’s only one other that’s relatively close to me. That one will show up in a few posts I’m sure. That one’s about 30 miles away and owned by the twitter user @ForgottenBkmrks . I only found out about the connection after I started following his blog and HAD to see the shop…but that’s a story for a post not a small comment.

      There were also two up near my college that were fun. I’ll do posts on them as well so I won’t get into those yet.

      Aside from these, I’ve found only a small handful more (2-3 at most). I hope to find more in the future so these posts don’t end up being about mainly my local one, lol

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