CALLING ALL READERS: An Authors I Love Update

Those of you who have been following my blog for quite a while will probably know about my “Authors I Love” series. I haven’t added anything new to it in way too long and hope to get back to posting more installments. I know there are also MANY new people following me (Thank you SO much for that!). For these people: I started a series of posts a few months ago in which I devote a (what I planned to be a weekly) post to an author that I absolutely love.

So far I’ve only put together four posts for the series. The authors covered are Nick Hornby and Nicholas Sparks. The other two posts, and the most recent ones, are actually guest posts from friends who ARE authors. I asked them to join me in my journey to reveal more great authors to more readers and so far it’s been a fun thing to do.

What I’m really here for today is to get more guest posts. I would like to continue to share authors I love, as well, but I don’t think the series will be complete without the addition of other people’s thoughts. At first I was asking my author friends because it’s fun to see what authors are reading when they aren’t writing. It also shows the books and authors that have possibly influenced them in their own writing. With that said, I think from now on, I’m dropping the (very loose and almost nonexistent) requirement of “you should be an author” to submit.

CALLING ALL READERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, after all that babbling, let me get to the point of this post. Here’s your chance to have a little fun and be directly involved in my blog.

If you are an author, wannabe author, reader, cute baby wombat I want to hear from you. The only requirement is that you should read books. You could have read only 5 in your entire life, as long as, one of those books’ authors popped out at you, stuck with you, or influenced you in any other way that you would like to share with other readers.

What do you need to write? I’m leaving that mainly up to you. There isn’t much of a length requirement either. The first two collections of guest posts are a compilation of shorter write ups from people. I didn’t want to overload the series with full on guest posts right from the beginning. I think now’s a good time to open it up to any length though. If you want to send me a few sentences, paragraphs, or a full length post feel free to do so! For the shorter submissions, I’ll keep them until I have like 3-5 for a collected post. The longer ones will be more appropriate for an individual post.

If those wishing to take part in this need would like to get ideas of what I’m “looking” for, please check out the past posts here. There is no time frame to submit. I’m open to receiving stuff whenever it comes in because this is an ongoing and hopefully never-ending series.

TO SUBMIT: Simply email me. My email can be found on the “About Me” section. The tab is located near the top of the page. If you need a better and less all over the place explanation/clarification, or just want to chat about anything else, feel free to shoot me an email as well. Also, one last thing. If anyone who has be included in past “Authors I Love” posts would like to submit another post would like to give me another feel free. I’m not putting a limit on how many times someone can be included. I will, though, use my judgement as to how OFTEN I’ll post someone’s multiple submissions (probably at least 2-3 weeks apart depending on how many others I have at the time).

Thank you for bearing through this post. Might have been smarter to plan out what I was going to say instead of just letting shit fly out of my fingers, haha. But if I did that, it wouldn’t be entertaining because that’s how I roll. I always just type without much prior thought.

I look forward to hearing from you all and I look forward to discovering great new authors to read.

P.S. – I think I’ll be renaming this series as well, starting with the next post. How’s this new name/banner work for you all? I just took a few minutes to put it together. It’s simple since I don’t know how to do fancy shit. I’m open to suggestions though, after all it’s not just a series for me anymore 😀

10 responses to “CALLING ALL READERS: An Authors I Love Update

  1. I definitely love the banner. It caught my eye right away. I’ll tweet you and see if we can set a date for a post. I’d be happy to write one for your blog. 🙂

    • Thanks! I’m glad it caught your attention and it seemed like a cool way to make it. I was looking for an old fashioned typewriter at first and then just grabbed an image of a keyboard.

      As for you doing a post: I’m open to any date. I only have one date reserved for a blog tour post as of now. That’s June 3rd. Any other day is yours 😀 Just email me your post and I can set it up. I’m very flexible.

      For everyone else reading this: I would like to at least post one Authors WE Love post a week. If I get enough response I’m open to doing multiple in a week (like 2-3 max though). So dates are open for almost all the time 😀

  2. Cool idea, Robert!! Everybody knows that I absolutely love Jane Austen, but I won’t bore people any longer with that 😀 There is another author who influenced me a lot and I totally love her too. I will write something for your blog 😀

    • YAY!!! I can’t wait to see who you write about. You can also do another about Austen if you’d like, remember I mentioned that there can be multiple submissions from one person as well. I don’t think we’d get bored 😀

        • Well she’s not for everyone, especially in the modern world. I read P&P last fall and it wasn’t my cup of tea, but I do plan on giving some of her other books a chance. I have a hard time with classics in general, but I appreciate them at the same time for what they’ve done for literature 🙂

          I think seeing something about Austen might inspire some more people to look to classic authors to discuss. My mind immediately goes to modern writers, so I think you doing Austen would bring a wider range to the timeline of authors that get discussed here, instead of just having (what I hope) will be a diversity in genre. 😀

          I can’t wait for anything you give me, I’m sure other readers will enjoy it too.

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