Review: Spring Argyle by Christine Cunningham

Title: Spring Argyle (Willow Reed Volume 2)
Author: Christine Cunningham
Rating: 4/5 Stars


Jacob just bought Willow Reed’s book store. He loves the quiet life between the shelves of dusty books. If only his best friend Liz would see him as more than a friend life would be complete. Enter Sydney, a flirtatious brunette who turns Jacob’s world upside down. Who will be the one for Jacob when the dust settles? (from Amazon description)


I really enjoyed this story. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it as much as I did at first because it’s the second book in a series. I received a copy of Spring Argyle from WLC (World Literary Cafe) for review and overlooked the “series” aspect of this book. Although it is number two in the Willow Reed series, this didn’t seem to affect my level of comprehension for the story. If I didn’t look into the book a bit more like I had, I don’t think I would have noticed that there was more outside of this work. I think that’s the type of series it is; a series of stand-alone novellas with the town of Willow Reed being a common bond.

What  I especially enjoyed about this was its brevity. I read this book in about two sittings. It was short and fast paced, but worth taking the time to read. I think it’d be great for a sunny summer afternoon. The style wasn’t taxing at all on the mind. It was very simple and easy to follow along with. I think it would have worked out well as a more lengthy work with more depth given to the characters and more description of the town itself, but this was necessary.  Sometimes reading something that touches lightly on the story at hand makes for a more lighthearted story.

As always, I like to touch on anything negative I found. There wasn’t much to mention. The only thing I had an issue with (a very small issue) was the editing of the book. In the version I read, there were a few sentences here and there that were missing a word or two. I was able to insert the correct word while reading so it didn’t get in the way. A quick read through could fix these errors though and I think the story would be much more polished. With this said, I don’t know if the copy I have is the finished one. For others who have read this and didn’t see any need for another proofread, feel free to let me know here so future readers will know not to worry about the need of corrections.

To sum this all up: there were enjoyable characters, interesting relationships between them, and an all-round enjoyable read. It might not have been the most in-depth love story I’ve read, but sometimes I would rather a fun lighthearted tale over a 300 page story that has more room to drag on unnecessarily.


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3 responses to “Review: Spring Argyle by Christine Cunningham

    • I think male leads are more exceptions. I don’t read TOO many romances, at least straight up romances (there are a few “levels” to the genre). Most of my experience in romance has come from Nicholas Sparks books. With him I think there’s a good balance between male and female leads roles, though in the books themselves there’s normally both genders playing a big enough part.

      But yea, because this was a male lead, I think as a male myself I was going to stick with the story longer than if it were a female lead (if it wasn’t as enjoyable), mainly because since I’m a male I can related to him more.

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