“A Dog And His Quilt”, A Children’s Story

I week or two ago, I posted a picture on my Twitter. The picture was of a book containing a children’s picture story I had written a few years ago for a children’s literature class in college. This was a fun and interesting class, but I think the project for which this wrote was written was the best part.

The basic idea behind the project was: That class splits into groups, writes a story and creates pictures to go along with it. When they are all done, the were thrown together into an anthology which every student got. The catch? The theme was quilts and the pictures needed to be collage technique. Luckily no real drawing was involved and I know how to cut things out of paper.

I finally figured out how to get all the pages (only 9, don’t worry it shouldn’t bore you too much) into one document in order to share it with everyone. It’s still a little weird in the formatting department because there were margins in order to put them in book form, I’ll work on that if I want to do anything further with this.

So, I hope you find some enjoyment in my brief adventure into children’s literature/artistry.  Please, comment if you would like 😀

Click the title below to read the story.

A Dog And His Quilt

8 responses to ““A Dog And His Quilt”, A Children’s Story

  1. I loved that! the collage images were actually pretty cool! I like how that worked out. But i LOVE how you incorporated (obliquely) that his adventures would continue in his dreams. VERY clever! Thank you for sharing!

  2. very clever. If you think about the perspective behind it we are seeing here an adult who can capture a child like imagination and put it back in a way that children will love and relate to. well done indeed

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