A Night, A Lifetime

A Night, A Lifetime

Anyone could have met and hooked up that night.  With all the alcohol and drugs being passed around the party something like that was bound to happen.  What most o the attendees can recall is just darkness.  Nothing is really clear to them.  Anyone that can remember something from the night says that something interesting happened, but none of them seemed sure of what it was.

“I saw a few people wrestling in one of those kiddy pools.  Yeah, it was one of those plastic ones.  I think they filled it with pudding. Maybe it was mud.  Whatever it was, when I tasted it later on from the lips of one of the girls wrestling, it was tasty,” Frank said later the next day.

There was no wrestling match.  Frank never kissed a girl at the part either.  All he kissed was a lampshade that someone’s shirt had landed on.  That shirt was never even claimed.

Lauren, who is known to talk shit, thought that she had heard from someone else about a fight upstairs.  However, when she continued to say, “My friend, the one who was up there when it happened, she’s not as cute as I am.  Well she said that she almost got hit in the head by a table lamp, one of those cheap looking ones with flowers painted on.  She also told me that someone went through a window, or maybe the lamp had gone through the window.  I’m not really sure what was going on.  But there was definitely a fight up there.  I heard yelling in my head and stuff.”

None of this could have been true either.  Justin, who lives a few houses down the street, knows the old lady who lives next door.  She’s a real mean old lady.  There couldn’t have been a fight, because the noise would have been too loud for her.  She has been known to call the cops with a noise complaint for birds chirping on a Sunday morning.  Lauren was just being herself and making things up.  The joint that was passed around couldn’t have helped her story much either.

Nothing crazy seemed to happen at the party.  Maybe there were some innocent insults dished out for laughs, but there wasn’t much else.  A thing of mention was that a small group of partiers made their way up to the attic.  The bad of pot they brought with them had already started to disappear downstairs, so when they got upstairs one of them pulled out another bag.  They all say in a circle with the new bag.  It didn’t have pot it in like the one earlier in the night.  This one contained an assortment of pills.  Sally was the first to sample the bag and she took a few.  Then it was Jorge’s turn.  Next was Joann’s.

Unknown to the pill poppers, Zach and Beth had escaped to the attic behind them.  The various colors in the bag, along with the pot, were making them unsure of what was going on around them.  Whatever those pills were, Zach and Beth wanted no part of it.

Off in a corner, away from the others, the two stepped into adult hood together.  They still to this day don’t know what possessed them to make love in the attic, but they don’t regret it either.  The newly formed couple fell in love for reasons their hearts only know.  That love was only increased when little Hanna came into their lives nine months later.  They don’t regret the timing of these events as much as many assume they do.  They are also grateful for the party they went to that night.  Whatever the others were doing was only temporary release from the mundane lives of young adults.  Zach and Beth’s release is never ending.

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